Summer Meeting Recap held August 26, 2020

Dear Members in Good Standing,

On behalf of the board we apologize for the inappropriate tone of the responses to some of the questions asked last night. Please understand that the frustrations felt on your behalf regarding this year’s community environment are equally felt by us. We are charged with making decisions that affect all 700 families in this community, young and old, with and without children. Many hours of research and consultation went into developing our protocol. We stand by the decisions that we made throughout the entire summer, guided by governmental guidelines and our own intuition as how best to provide the safest yet most functional summer program. Please remember that our employee base and the oversight of all of our programs is a team of local residents and volunteers. They are your family members, community members and friends.

There are many things that we could do differently and only time will tell as to what the correct and required course of action should have been. Look at the disparity in state, college and local education system protocols. There is no perfect answer at this point.

Unfortunately due to last night’s events, Ken Berk has resigned as director of waterfront operations. Ken has volunteered countless hours to our community. His experience in waterfront operations, lifeguard training and management, swim instruction and coaching along with his love of this community is unparalleled. We thank Ken for his many years of service and can only hope that we find someone else within our community who can serve in his absence.

We again remind you that our board members are volunteers. We manage our board duties while also caring for our families, and performing our own professions. We receive countless requests to do things differently and have to sort them out and reply on behalf of an entire community. We have no agenda other than to preserve the by-laws and membership rules of the association and to adapt as required to the current environment, while operating in a fiscally responsible manner and serving the community as a whole.

We welcome questions, ideas and suggestions. Please always remember to consider how the other 700 plus homeowners may be effected. You as the membership deserve civil answers to those inquiries. You may not always agree with the answers, but your voice will be heard. Within in the next few days we will be delivering the Questions and Answers that occurred during the meeting.

Respectfully, Board of Trustees

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